The Knot Lounge @Couture_Show

Taking a break from all the gorgeous gowns and designers today, I wanted to showcase the amazing The Knot Lounge at the Couture Show. During previous Bridal Markets, their set up was in this crosswalk in between ballrooms.

The Knot Lounge April 2014

It was nice for the small space they had then. But this gorgeous display, designed by Strawberry Milk Events, took their lounge to the next level. Fantastic, truly fantastic!

I tried to sneak out the yellow couch in my purse, but I sort-of, kind-of failed. While I was trying to “borrow” the yellow couch, I scored these three Harry Potter size The Knot mags. THANK YOU!

The Knot Mags

Could I mention for the 7,000th time how much I love the Met Pavillion for this event? Perfect space!

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