Sarah Seven Fall 2015 Bride

Sarah Seven 2015

Let me start of by saying, I had a really hard time choosing pictures to share with you. Not to credit myself as a fantastic photographer. I just amazing designs to work with.

As a long time Sarah Seven fan, I was feeling a bit like a fan girl in the midst of the glamour. Here I am, a big dork, surrounded by the beauty of lace and sparkle. But I was set at ease once I had the pleasure of meeting Ms. Sarah Seven herself. What a treat! Not only was she down to earth, she was more than willing to talk about her line. And was genuinely grateful for all of those that came to see her work.

The setting was wonderful and intimate. The moment you stepped out of the elevator you came face to face with the models. Every so often they rotated, and changed gowns. Which gave you a real opportunity to see the detail and work. My favorite part, was the fact they had some of her early designs there for us to enjoy. Let me introduce you to some, and my all time favorite, Goldie.

Now onto the 2015 line! It’s the year of the backs, separates and bridal rompers. I’m a HUGE fan of these trends, and I’m a huge fan of this collection.

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