Jenny Packham 2015 Wedding Dress Collection

Jenny Packham. Her name alone fills me with excitement and dreamy sighs. Is it weird that this collection even makes me sweat a little? In a good way that is. I won’t hold it against you if you consider that an odd reaction lol. To me looking at a gorgeous gown is almost like falling in love. My mind wonders at all the beautiful moments and memories that wil be created in the dress, and I swoon.

Ms. Packham’s 2015 Bridal Collection was inspired by the photographs of 1930’s British society photographer, Madame Yevonde, specifically a series of portraits of society ladies dressed in classical costumes, known as ‘The Goddesses’.

The Goddesses

You can view the entire Goddesses collection here.

With inspiration of that magnitude, this line is off to an incredible start.

It’s impossible for me to choose ONE dress I love above all others. I refuse to pick just one; it’s unfair when I love them equally. And because I’m a self claimed rebel, I am going to feature two of her gowns.

Which one do you like best!?

I want to take a moment and give Jenny Packham and her team a HUGE round of applause. I can’t tell you how refreshing it is to see “plus size” model, aka a normal looking woman, on the runway. The beauties that will eventually wear these gowns, come in all different shapes and sizes. So thank for showing us that any of us would look oh so stunning wearing Jenny Packham. BRAVA! BRAVA!

Jenny Packham Models

Could I pretty please be your next Plus size model Ms. Packham!? Can’t hurt to ask.

The 2015 Wedding Dress collection will be available starting late July. Make sure you book your Tunk Show appointments because I am pretty you’ll be able to try preview them then.

You can view a video of the entire collection at the Jenny Packham website.


ps- Thanks a million to Harriet for the information. You are a gem!

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