Insomniac Does DIY: Dresser

Insomniac Does DIY - Dresser

Spring Bonjour

How’s everyone? Hope you had an incredible weekend.

Tomorrow I’m starting a small project (or big depending how much I screw up lol). I’ve been searching high and low for bedroom furniture I like, and I’ve come empty handed.

I have this amazing desk and all the pieces I’ve liked, would make the desk look as it it was out of place. Not only is it, Shabby Chic design, it’s also pale blue. It really is beautiful, and I wanted something to blend, or at least unite with it. That’s when I ran into My Passion For Decor. The dresser made me stop in my tracks and instantly fall in love and I decided, that it was perfect.

Then I remember Ikea has the TARVA series, which is raw and unfinished furniture. PERFECT! I don’t need to spend 3 days sanding down the entire piece, whew!

Then I found the prefect stencil over at Cutting Edge Stencil. It’s a Moroccan inspired print, Marrakech Trellis Allover Stencil. A bit obsessed with this print. You know besides Chevron. Who doesn’t love Chevron?

Am I insane to try this lol? Any recommendations? Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Spring XOXO

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