Wedding Gown Of The Week: Watters NY Bridal Week Edition

Wedding Gown Of The Week - Watters NY Bridal Fashion Week

Spring Bonjour

I’m back! I’m so glad I took off last week, it was nothing but insanity. I’m still recuperating from my sisters Baby Shower weekend, but I wanted to get back to the swing of things.

This past weekend, was NY Bridal Fashion Week. It was also Record Store Day, but you know I’ll be talking about the pretty bridal gown YAY!

All week I’ll be featuring, a designer’s new line. And I’m starting with one of my ultimate favorite, Watters. I couldn’t find the entire new line. However, I’ve spoken to my future boss {wishful thinking on my part} at the brand, and he’s going to share the photos with me. I’M SO EXCITED!!! With his permission, I’ll share them right her with you.

The pictures above are from the Watters Instagram.

Have you been paying attention to the new lines? What’s your favorite so far? 

Spring XOXO


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