Beauty & Girly Things: Blue Nails

Beauty & Girly Things - Blue Nails

Spring Bonjour

It’s Friiiday! I had a long first week at the new job, but I feel very accomplish. Looking forward to sleeping in tomorrow and maybe get a mani-pedi. What’s everyone up to this weekend?

Speaking mani-pedi, I am loving these three manicures I rant into. I may get the first one tomorrow. It’s fun and fresh for the start of Spring. Cute right?

I know we want to know what these colors are, and here are the links for you:

  1. Makeup Savvy
  2. Pshiiit
  3. Pshiiit

Vote for your favorite! I’ll get the most popular The most popular one, I’ll get it done.

Spring XOXO

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