Beauty & Girly Things: Super Blender Sponge

Beauty & Girly Things - Super Blender Sponge

Spring Bonjour

How’s everyone today? I hope ya’ll had a wonderful Easter weekend.

I want to send my heart felt apologies to everyone. I’m extremely behind on my featurettes :(. It’s been an insane couple of weeks and they are just going to get busier the closer I get to my sisters Baby Shower. Plus, I started my new job today and I need to adjust to the new schedule. I’ve gone from waking up at 9am to 5am. So yes, major adjustments are needed. But if you stick with me, things will get back to normal soon, I hope {crossing fingers}. I will try my best to catch up with my blogs today. If I don’t, it’s because I’m passed out at my desk lol.

With that, let’s get to Beauty & Girly Things. Today I have for you what has become an essential tool in applying my makeup; Super Blender Sponge.  Yes it looks silly, however you don’t know how truly amazing this blender is until you try it.

My initial reaction was, “OMG I’m in loooooooove!!!!!!” That though was followed by questioning my sanity since I’ve just proclaimed love to a… sponge? As crazy as it may sound, to the average person, the truth of the matter is that I do love it! It blends my concealer perfectly and effortless. I want to buy them in all colors, sizes, and styles!

I happened to buy mine at Ulta. I want to say I paid $3.00 USD for it but on the site is listed for $4.99 USD so I am going to go with that. I wouldn’t spend more than that one one. Want to know why? Well I have an expert makeup artist to give you the perfect answer for that.

To break it down for you £3.00 is just shy of $5.00 USD. Wayne Goss is one of my favorite makeup artist (and Brit) and he gives you the real deal. So follow his YouTube channel. He’s amazing!

Have you used the Sponge Blenders? What do you think? 

Spring XOXO

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