Foodie & Spork: Churro Waffles

Foodie & Spork

St Pattys Bonjour

Today I bring you another new feature on my blog, Foodie & Spork. Here I’ll be sharing a recipe a week. It could be food, it could be a drink, it could be dessert, whatever looks good. I hope you enjoy it!

I was searching waffles on Pinterest, because who doesn’t love waffles? lol And ran into this delectable recipe from Six Sisters’ Stuff. I wanted to lick my monitor. YUM!

Speaking of, everyone should check out Six Sisters’ Stuff’s website. They have some awesome things. You could also follow them on Twitter and Pinterest

Who wants to make them and bring them over? Pretty please? With a cherry on top? 

St Pattys XOXO Dee

3 Comments Add yours

  1. Alia says:

    Sounds delicious!

    1. Dee Shore says:

      Don’t they look mouth watering? Get in my belly! lol

      1. Alia says:

        Seriously! I LOVE churros! I’m sure these are just divine!

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