This Week’s Manicure

St Pattys Bonjour

Last Saturday I went shopping with the mum, and we walked into a random $.99 shop and came across the LA Girl Polish in Matte Baby Pink. I fell in love with the color and since I’ve never tried a matte polish before, it didn’t hurt me to spend $.99 on it. I love the color, but I have to be 100% honest, not a fan of the matte. Don’t like how it looks on my hands. You can’t probably tell from the picture above, but I topped it with a shinny top coat LOL

I did mess it up a bit. I’m sure you could tell there’s a bit of black in the pink. That’s because I’m inpatient and didn’t wait for the Black Rose Polish to completely dry before putting the top coat. I’m so smart lol

What do we think?

St Pattys XOXO Dee

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