SAG Awards Best Dressed


The Screen Actors Guild Award, or SAG Awards, were last night. I didn’t watch them because I was too busy playing with glitter paint lol Congrats to all the winners, whomever they are. No, I didn’t check that. Is it really important? LOL What matters to me is the Red Carpet fashion

Today, I took a few minutes to look through the fashion blogs and came up with a list of whom I thought looked smashing. Here you have them:

  • Hair Trend of the Night: Side swipe. I’m a fan. I think it looks beautiful and feminine.
  • Dress Trends: Navy Blue blah not a fan, but I guess it looks elegant, and I would go out on a limb and state that Amanda Seyfried was the BEST dressed in that Zac Posen dream. Another trend, sparkly dresses. I approve of anything that sparkles LOL. They are celebrities after shouldn’t they, like trashy Rihanna says, ‘Shine Bright Like A Diamond’? I think so!

I didn’t bother getting the worst dressed together. However some were pretty horrific. Advise to these unfortunate ladies? You can’t go wrong with the elegance of Oscar de la Renta and/or Jenny Packham.

Big compliments to the men. As I was scrolling through, I saw some pretty chic and gorgeous tuxes.

Did you watch the SAG Awards? Which one was you Best and Worst dressed? 


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