DIY Chalkboards

Dee does DIY


I’ve been working non stop on my first two DIY Chalkboards. I was nervous at first, because it’s not something I’ve ever done. But once I did the small board, I got brave and tackled the large one.

The small board was an old beach style frame art I don’t use any more. The large one I found at a thrift store for $20.

My supplies:

  • Small Foam Roller. I picked this one because I needed something without lint and that rolled on smooth. 
  • Small Paint Tray. Doesn’t matter what kind. You just need something to hold the paint of course.
  • Chalkboard Paint. Rust-Oleum for $9.67 at Home Deport

Quick review on the paint, it goes on quick, dries incredibly fast, and appears to be durable. I was impressed with it so I will recommend it.

Now on to the fun stuff. I covered each board with four heavy, and even coats of the paint and this are the results:

My next task is to learn how to DIY Hand Lettering Chalk Typography. I found this wonderful one in Ruffled which I am going to try tomorrow. Wish me luck!

What do you think of my little project?


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