Happy 150th London Underground

150 London Underground


The Tube has turned 150! Why you don’t look a day over 100 lol.

For those that don’t know, The Tube is London”s version of the Subway. Just way nicer, and cleaner. Hey, we all could agree the Subway system needs a serious face lift.

BBC America online put up a great article on the history of The Tube, and I wanted to share it with you.

The problem with cities is they’re full of obstacles. Never mind the buildings; the vehicles, the grot and the slops, the signs and the spectacle; there’s a human wall everywhere, and traffic everywhere else. This was just as true back in the 14th Century as it is today, although there was a lot more in the way of grot.

By the 1800s, London was undergoing a rapid growth spurt, thanks largely to the expansion of the British empire and some massive leaps in the fields of engineering, electricity and transport in general, and because of this, they decided to tackle this problem head on. A solution to the problem of getting from one part of the city to the other had now became tantalisingly possible: an underground network of trains! Can you imagine such a thing? Special trains that can go backwards as well as forwards, maybe even powered by electricity one day!

A method of skipping from Baker Street to King’s Cross without stepping in manure or getting run down by a hansom cab, why, such a thing would be the wonder of the age!


Have you ever ridden The Tube? Do you have any good stories to share? Sound off below 😉 


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