Elmwood Gardens


Now that the Holiday season is slowly coming to an end, let’s get back into the swing of things.

Today I have for you another dream wedding location, Elmwood Gardens in Palestine, Texas.

photo source

Could you just imagine yourself floating down the Wedding Walk in a stunning gown? I know, so could it. It’s just a great wedding venue.

The beauty of it all is that this location is 100% affordable. They have two different packages  ranging from $3,500  to $12,700.

For more information, click on to contact Elmwood Gardens.

Do you have a dream wedding venue? Share!


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Charlotte says:

    Hi Dee!
    Saw my Elmwood Gardens Map in a Google image search and came across your site. Just wanted to introduce myself as the illustrator of their map and logo. Check out my site for more illustrations and recipes @ charlottetaylorcreates.com! (New and improved site coming soon) Thanks! Charlotte

    1. Dee Shore says:

      I love your work! I’m so honored you stopped by. Thank you so much ^_^

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