Gift Ideas: Chalkboards

Continuing my Christmas Gift Ideas, today I have something awesome up my sleeve, Chalkboards! No, not like in grade school. But pretty ones, and for virtually any women or any ago will adore them. These beauty’s are so versatile that you could use them any where: At the office, business, kitchen, bedroom, nursery, kids bedroom, for a wedding, and the list goes on and on. The best part about them is that now-a-days, you could find them in any color, style, size, and even magnetized. I know you’re freaking out. I am too. Yes I want one, I can’t stand it.

On Etsy all you need to do is a simple search for ‘chalkboards’ and hundreds will pop up within seconds. If I haven’t said it before or enough, Etsy rules my world! If I was virtually trapped anywhere, besides the Doctor Who TARDIS, Etsy would be it for me. All the pretty in that site makes me a happy girl!

Getting back to the gift idea at hand, one of my favorite chalkboard Etsy store is Revive Vintage. They have one of the best chalkboard selections I’ve seen on sale. Here is a sample of what they currently have available:

Visit Revive Vintage to see their collection

As always I hope my gift ideas help you during this Holiday Season, or for a special occasion.

Which chalkboard is your favorite? 

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