November 25 photo Challenge

DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Time. The past month, I’ve been having and incredible time. From my friend Lynda’s bachelorette party, to my Nerd Birthday Bar Crawl. I’m fortunate to have a bunch of crazy and fantastic women around me. Can’t wait until next weekend, when Lynda and Jay say, “We’re hitched!”.

November Photo Challenge: Day 15

DAY FIFTEEN: Hot + Cold. This where I am today, The Pool @ Harrah’s Atlantic City. To celebrate my friend Lynda’s Bachelorette Party! It could be -30°F degrees outside and you can still party at The Pool because its always 82 degrees in there. I love this place!

The Pool @ Harrah’s

It’s Friday, woo hoo! I hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine’s. If you notice, I changed my website’s layout to St Patty’s. What do you think? Last weekend, a few friends and I went for an over night stay to one of my favorite hotels, The Harrah’s Hotel in Atlantic City. Why is this hotel my…