November Photo Challenge Day Two

Day Two: I did this today… I did this flower head piece for my Dia de los Muertos party costume tonight. I can’t wait to get started. But it’s too early.

November Photo A Day

Bonjour! Found this November Photo Challenge on Pinterest. I like it enough, that I am going to give it a try. Who wants to join me!? XOXOXO Dee

Nerd Corner: Wedding Party App

Wedding Party App is one of those apps I wish wasn’t catered just for weddings. For example, I would kill to be able to use this at my sister’s baby shower. Wouldn’t it be killer? I know I can still use it but it’s not the same. Everyone has mobiles, and you know that your…

DIY Photobooth & Props

Back in September 2012, my sister turned 30. I know my 30th celebration wasn’t too thrilling, and because of that, we wanted hers to be special. It’s not every day you have such a meaningful birthday. We hosted her a Vintage Carnival Theme Birthday Party. I went crazy making decorations, and not to toot my…

My Photography: Carousel

Viva Las Vegas! I took this at The Bellagio during their spring butterfly/flower display a few years back when my sister and I went on vacation. It was amazing! Have you ever been to Vegas? What’s your favorite thing to do besides hookers, drinking, and gambling?