October Photo Challenge: Day 31

DAY THIRTY-ONE: Halloween. Happy Halloween everyone! I’m dressed as Hipster Ariel lmao. I know I don’t have red hair but that’s because I had red hair before I was part of this world. I also left the ocean because it became too current. And Flounder and I had a fall out because he started buying…

October Photo Challenge: Day 30

DAY THIRTY: Inspiration. There’s a lot of people that inspire me. And I would love to take a picture with all of them. But since I can’t, I am sharing myself with you as a thank you for inspiring me.

October Photo Challenge: Day 29

DAY TWENTY-NINE: Focus. I can’t focus on anything that is far away without my Ray-Ban glasses. Sucks being near sighted, with astigmatism. But I love my second set of eyes! They reflect my nerd on the outside lol

October Photo Challenge: Day 28

DAY TWENTY-EIGHT: Smile. My first smile of the day comes right after my first sip of coffee. I look a bit psychotic here. Apparently I need more sleep lmao!

October Photo Challenge: Day 26

DAY TWENTY-SIX: Pumpkin. Went wedding shopping today. And while we were at the mall Pottery Barn Kids had the best pumpkin on display!

October Photo Challenge: Day 25

DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Fruit. My favorite fruit, seedless red grapes. I could eat this entire thing and be the happiest person ever.

October Photo Challenge: Day 24

DAY TWENTY-FOUR: Lunch. On pay week, I allow myself to order lunch. So yesterday I did. The only problem is, its entirely too much food. So I eat half and then the next day I eat the other half. So that’s what I am having today. Seasame Chicken, brown rice, and a couple of veggie…

October Photo Challenge: Day 23

DAY TWENTY-THREE: Plank. This was my sister and my nephew (her son) doing a plank competition a few months back. This is how we entertain ourselves lmao.

October Photo Challenge: Day 22

DAY TWENTY-TWO: Fridge. Ever notice how creepy fridge’s in the dark? The glowing creepy glow is coming after you, ruuuuun! Lmao I’m so weird

October Photo Challenge: Day 21

DAY TWENTY-ONE: In My Bag. What’s inside my bag? My ticket for tonight’s Little Big Town and Brett Eldredge, and Brothers Osborne’s concert. I feel Jesse Spano excited! I’ve been waiting a LONG time to see LBT in concert. And Brett has quickly become one of my favorites. I only know one Brothers Osborne songs,…