October Photo Challenge: Day 19

DAY NINETEEN: Outfit. It’s Sunday I don’t dress up on Sundays. Its my day to catch up on my shows. On deck is Gotham, Red Band Society, The Mindy Project, Doctor Who, American Horror Story, and Sleepy Hollow. Can’t wait!

October Photo Challenge: Day 18

DAY EIGHTEEN: Routine. My Saturday routine is a two hour Full Body Fitness. Full Body Fitness was created in Peru, and it’s a serious high impact class that requires you to use every muscles in your body. Don’t judge the fact that we use steps. It’s beyond steps and anything in between. You have to…

October Photo Challenge: Day 16

DAY SIXTEEN: Guilty Pleasure. Everyone that knows me knows my love for coffee. If I could drink all day, every day, I would. Some of the best conversations I’ve ever had, have been over drinks and coffee.

October Photo Challenge: Day 15

DAY FIFTEEN: Fall. Its Fall and that means all the pretty green trees are getting brown and loosing their foliage.  How depressing. Bring back summer! If you can’t tell, I’m a summer person.

October Photo Challenge: Day 14

DAY FOURTEEN: Water. I fill this cup two or three times a day during my work hours. When I changed for a healthy lifestyle, water became my drink of choice. Well you know, besides coffee lol. I dont drink soda, nor juice (unless is fresh squeezed). I have issues with sugar so I stay away…

October Photo Challenge: Day 13

DAY THIRTEEN: Relaxing. Happy Columbus Day all. While a lot of people are home, I’m working today. And this is my favorite and most relaxing day time of my work day. Coffee and Pinterest (yes for work). Putting together our Thanksgiving Board.

October Photo Challenge: Day 11

DAY ELEVEN: Running Man. Well ok its not a man but a woman. A model actually, from the Watters Spring 2015 show this morning. She was practically running down the run way lol. She’s my running man for today. Gorgeous gown though! The pattern on the lace was flawless!

October Photo Challenge: Day 9

DAY NINE: Black & White. When you commute flats are your best-friend. The thought of walked in heels on the subway makes me cring. These are my beat up Furgalicious by Fergie flats. I’ve destroyed them. I bought them a few years back at DSW for about $20. Not bad right? ps- Ignore my green…