November 25 photo Challenge

DAY TWENTY-FIVE: Time. The past month, I’ve been having and incredible time. From my friend Lynda’s bachelorette party, to my Nerd Birthday Bar Crawl. I’m fortunate to have a bunch of crazy and fantastic women around me. Can’t wait until next weekend, when Lynda and Jay say, “We’re hitched!”.

November 24 Photo Challenge

DAY TWENTY-FOUR: I need to do this! I desperately need to cut my hair. It’s so long, I am at the point, I can’t do anything with it. I am holding off until December 5th before the rehearsal dinner. I can’t wait!

November 23 Photo Challenge

DAY TWENTY-THREE: I made this! These are the centerpieces I made, for my sisters Ice Cream Theme Baby Shower. I made almost everything, even the ice cream pops. I’m one of those people that takes pride in everything I do, specially for those I love. Right now, I am sitting here working on wooden table…

November 22 Photo Challenge

DAY TWENTY-TWO:  A favorite thing. When given a choice guacamole is always in my diet. Not everyone could make a good guacamole, but it’s a better choice than anything else. I LOVE guacamole!

November 21 Photo Challenge

DAY TWENTY-ONE: Shoes. Although not technically “shoes” this are the boots I wore today. I love them! Got them on sale a year or two from Macy’s. I think I paid $10-15for them. They are American Rag brand.

November 20 Photo Challenge

DAY TWENTY: Bright. Nothing is brighter than my friend Glory’s YOLO hat. Its neon letters on black. You can spot it a block away lol. It doesn’t look as bright as it actually is. But it hurts your eyes a bit when you look at it.

November 19 Photo Challenge

DAY NINETEEN: Whole. This took me a while to figure out but I came up with something. I have one whole bottle of Tru:Blood. I received this at a True Blood Truebies event before season two started. You know, when the show was really good. I never opened it. As you could see, it even…

November 18 Photo Challenge

DAY EIGHTEEN: I Love This. My lovely friend Silvia got me this bag (from Forever 21), filled with Wet n’ Wild by Fergie make-up for my birthday. I love it! How well does she know me. She combined two of my favorites things in one gift. Yes, she’s pretty brilliant and amazing. Another huge plus,…

November Photo Challenge: Day 17

DAY SEVENTEEN: Cooking. Although I can cook, this is my idea of cooking lately lol. I admire those that have the time and drive to dedicate to cooking an actual meal. I wish I could!

November Photo Challenge: Day 16

DAY SIXTEEN: After. How appropriate that this is today’s task because this is me after Lynda’s Bachelorette Party and half a bottle of Whiskey later. Good times! By the way, flasks are the best thing ever invented. Everyone needs one.

November Photo Challenge: Day 15

DAY FIFTEEN: Hot + Cold. This where I am today, The Pool @ Harrah’s Atlantic City. To celebrate my friend Lynda’s Bachelorette Party! It could be -30°F degrees outside and you can still party at The Pool because its always 82 degrees in there. I love this place!

November Photo Challenge: Day 14

DAY FOURTEEN: For me. I went to Icing today to pick up a few things for the bachelorette party tomorrow and saw this flask on sale for $6. I needed to have it. So I did. Can’t wait for tomorrow!