Happy 11 Month Birthday!

Today my tiny weirdo turns 11 months old. I can’t believe it’s almost been a year since she was born. Time does fly! We are in full swing preparing for her first birthday party, and can’t believe it’s just a month away. So currently my world is surrounded in red, white, and blue. She was…

Happy Ten Month Kenzie!

I can’t believe my niece is ten months old today! Soon we’ll be celebrating her first birthday. Ugh! Don’t want to think about it. Love this tiny weirdo! XOXOXO Auntie Dee

Sharing A Bit Of My Easter

Sharing some silly pictures of my niece and nephew. Holidays wouldn’t be the same without them. How’s your Easter? XOXOXO Dee

Happy 9 Month Birthday Kenzie!

Happy Birthday 9 month birthday to my beautiful niece. My heart and soul. My sweet girl. Auntie loves you! XOXOXO Dee

Happy 5 Month Birthday My Mackenzie

My Toothless Queen is 5 months today. She’s getting so big and soon I won’t be able to call her “My Toothless Queen”. LOVE YOU MY SWEETNESS!