Laissez bon temps rouler!

Happy Mardi Gras Y’all! Mentally I am in warm New Orleans dancing my way down the Zulu parade, and not in bitter cold NYC. At least I am wearing purple and green lol Who’s having King Cake today!? Who got the baby!? XOXOXO Dee

Hurricane Recipe

Ahhh Hurricane’s, it’s the smooth fruity drink that goes down so easily. Then you get up and wonder why the room is spinning. Good times! Good times! It’s not Mardi Gras if you haven’t had at least ONE Hurricane. Don’t know how to make one? Have no fear, Dee is here! NEW ORLEANS STYLE HURRICANE…

Song Of The Day: Treme Song by John Boutte

This is the kind of song that makes me want to dance with a drink in my hand. So it’s a perfect Mardi Gras song! Every time I’m watching Treme and this song comes on, I do get off my behind and shake it around my room LOL! If you don’t know what I am…

Throw Me Something Mister!

Why do they toss beads during Mardi Gras? Why beads? How did this tradition get started? Is the point to poke someone’s eye out? lol Kidding. Wouldn’t you believe Mardi Gras beads actually have a history? Of course they do! THE HISTORY BEHIND MARDI GRAS BEADS While Mardi Gras means many things to many people, one item…

Song Of The Day: Iko Iko

Time for some chair dancing! Some good ole music straight from New Orleans on this wonderful Fat Tuesday.