Twister Jeff

It was game night for Jeff the Elf and his Pose. And this game I approve of! Twister is epic!

Doctor Jeff

Jeff and I are counting the days until the Doctor Who Christmas Special. We have our TARDIS ready! I wonder what other non threatening Christmas decoration or item is Moffat going to make us affraid of it this time?

Jeff Potter

Jeff is off to Hogwarts. I hope he gets sorted into Hufflepuff like me! Huffie Pride.

Jeff the Spin the Bottle Elf

Oy! What on earth? Is Jeff and his pose really playing spin the bottle with the Christmas Hula Twins and Pink Doll? I hate to see what they do when I am sleeping lol

Wrecking Ball Jeff

I’m afraid Jeff has been spending way too much time on YouTube because this morning I woke up to him swinging from an ornament ball belting out, “I came in like a wrecking ball”. Why me? Ugh! Horrid song