It’s My Birthday!

Happy Birthday to me! Spending the day at Universal Orlando with my family. Can’t wait!

November Photo Challenge Day Nine

Day 9: Mine. What’s mine? My legs… pool side ^_^ enjoying our first night of vacation and I’m hanging out pool side with my toothless Queen.

On Vacation!

So excited to be going on my first vacation in years! And more excited because I get to visit Hogwarts. My nerd is happy lol I’ll continue my November Photo Challenge while away. Excited with all the possibilities ^_^ XOXOXO Dee

November Photo Challenge Day Eight

Day 8: Someone I miss… My Toothless Queen and My Wookie. Aka my niece and nephew. I horribly miss them when I don’t see them (I do see them weekly, I’m just a selfish aunt). On the plus side, I’ll have them for 7 days straight since we are leaving for our Florida Vacation tomorrow…