Happy December!

Could you guys believe it’s already December? This year flew by! Are you done shopping? If you’re like me, you’re probably obsessing over what to get your loved ones. Thank goodness for an unlimited data plan. I woke up this morning and guess who’s back? You got it, Jeff The Elf! Apparently he’s been living…

Jeff the Sleepy Elf

Don’t know if Jeff has a massive hangover or just being lazy. But one thing is for sure, he doesn’t want to get out of bed today… and neither do I. But I must. There’s a list of Christmas presents to buy ^_^

Jeff the Elf meets Jesus!

Even my lunatic Jeff the Elf knows the reason for the season ;). This is where he was this morning aweeee!

Jeff the Elf!

Meet Jeff, our Elf in the Shelf. Santa sent him to us this Christmas season, and he’ll be giving night reports to Santa if we’ve been naughty or nice. I’ll save Jeff the trouble, I’ll surely be naughty lol. My nephew, Eric named him, “He looks like a Jeff” lmao teenagers. This year instead of…