I Want Superpowers by Steven Bereznai

I WANT SUPERPOWERS By Steven Bereznai Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy, Dystopia Published: November 26, 2016 Publisher: Jambor Pages: 262 The Genetic Wars that turned most of the planet into a wasteland are over. The so-called “dregs” (short for “DNA regulars”) and superpowered “Supergenics” now live separately from each other: the Supergenics in the shiny towers…

Unboxing | Lootcrate & Geek Fuel June 2016

Happy Friday Nerds! It’s July, July 4th weekend, and Canada Day. Who’s ready to paaaaartay?  Did you catch Taco talking all things nerdy last night on our SnapChat? If you didn’t, you should. Some awesome subjects were discussed. Find us under nerdandlace. Today we are facing off the grand daddies of the Nerd monthly subscription box….