October Photo Challenge: Day 19

DAY NINETEEN: Outfit. It’s Sunday I don’t dress up on Sundays. Its my day to catch up on my shows. On deck is Gotham, Red Band Society, The Mindy Project, Doctor Who, American Horror Story, and Sleepy Hollow. Can’t wait!

Attention Nerds and Fangirls!

Let me introduce you to Her Universe. Finally a line for us fangirls that care about fashion. And just in time for NY ComicCon this weekend, and Halloween. Not only do they have adorable apparel, they have the prefect costumes as well. Hello cosplay! It was hard to choose, but I picked my top three…

Doctor Jeff

Jeff and I are counting the days until the Doctor Who Christmas Special. We have our TARDIS ready! I wonder what other non threatening Christmas decoration or item is Moffat going to make us affraid of it this time?

Jeff the Dalek Elf?

I woke up this morning and found this… Jeff the Elf on top of Pablo the Christmas Dalek. A frightening sight in so many ways. Yet so cute, because they seen to friends… right? Not entirely sure.

Happy 50th Doctor Who!

Yesterday was an iconic day for Whovians around the world. The show that we all love, and that has made us affraid of everything turned 50 yesterday. FANTASTIC! When I say it has made us affraid of everything, I mean like everything: angel status,  Santa, Christmas trees, your own shadow, WIFI, and mannequins to name…