Christmas Tree Showdown

Happy Christmas week! Normally on Mondays we share a Foodie Monday┬árecipe with y’all. But since it’s Christmas week, we’ll be dedicating the short week to that wonderful time of the year. This season,┬áit was impossible for me to put up a Christmas Tree. And it’s breaking my heart. I love the twinkly lights and the…

Christmas Photo Challenge Day 16

Day 16: Ornament. Our tree is filled with random ornaments. From a Dunkin Donuts coffee cup to dolls. Yup dolls. So it’s not odd that Batman is watching over our tree lol 

Christmas Photo Challenge Day 15

Day 15: Warmth. Last night it was cold and snowing. This was my warm feet by our Christmas tree as I watched Christmas movies all day with my mommy lol

Christmas Photo Challenge Day 1

Since I loved doing the November Photo Challenge so much, I decided to do a December one. I found this one on Pinterest and I thought, it’d be perfect! Day 1: Lights. What’s better than the lights from your Christmas tree? XOXOXO