Christmas Photo Challenge Day 25

Day 25: Unwrapped. It’s a tradition in my family to make a huge mess in the middle of the livingroom and then take pictures in the middle of the mess. Today was no exception. I love Christmas! I hope Sanra was kind to you.

Christmas Photo Challenge Day 24

Day 24: Christmas Eve. Mom got us tiny red solo cups with lids lmao! I wasn’t a slopy drunk because I was child proof. How was your Christmas Eve?

Christmas Photo Challenge Day 23

Day 23: Sparkle. The Christmas Tree at my desk sparkles! My co-worker calls it the bipolar tree because it’s half green and half red.

Christmas Photo Challenge Day 22

Day 22: Cookies. We have no cookies in the house at the moment. However,  we have TONS of chocolate. I have no idea why. But we have all kinds. It’s horrible for a person like me that eats sugar in moderation lol.

Christmas Photo Challenge Day 20

Day 20: A memory. This was Christmas 1986. Omg my hair lmao! Yes-yes Barbie was my Goddess. However, id you look close you’ll notice Shana from Jem and the Holograms hanging out next to Ken. I was cool!