Dee Shore is now Nerd & Lace

It’s official guys, Dee Shore is now Nerd & Lace. Bare with us while we work on design and logo. In the mean time, keep enjoying our current content. Hope everyone had, or is having a wonderful Valentine’s Day! XOXO Dee Editor-In-Chief (weird to write that)

Doctor Jeff

Jeff and I are counting the days until the Doctor Who Christmas Special. We have our TARDIS ready! I wonder what other non threatening Christmas decoration or item is Moffat going to make us affraid of it this time?

Christmas Photo Challenge Day 18

Day 18: Giving. I give with my heart. I live for that moment when someone you love, unwraps a present that has them screaming. The fact that I made help make them that happy is gift enough. I am hoping for tears this year lmao

Jeff the Spin the Bottle Elf

Oy! What on earth? Is Jeff and his pose really playing spin the bottle with the Christmas Hula Twins and Pink Doll? I hate to see what they do when I am sleeping lol

Christmas Photo Challenge Day 16

Day 16: Ornament. Our tree is filled with random ornaments. From a Dunkin Donuts coffee cup to dolls. Yup dolls. So it’s not odd that Batman is watching over our tree lol 

Wrecking Ball Jeff

I’m afraid Jeff has been spending way too much time on YouTube because this morning I woke up to him swinging from an ornament ball belting out, “I came in like a wrecking ball”. Why me? Ugh! Horrid song