November 18 Photo Challenge

DAY EIGHTEEN: I Love This. My lovely friend Silvia got me this bag (from Forever 21), filled with Wet n’ Wild by Fergie make-up for my birthday. I love it! How well does she know me. She combined two of my favorites things in one gift. Yes, she’s pretty brilliant and amazing. Another huge plus,…

November Photo Challenge: Day 17

DAY SEVENTEEN: Cooking. Although I can cook, this is my idea of cooking lately lol. I admire those that have the time and drive to dedicate to cooking an actual meal. I wish I could!

November Photo Challenge: Day 16

DAY SIXTEEN: After. How appropriate that this is today’s task because this is me after Lynda’s Bachelorette Party and half a bottle of Whiskey later. Good times! By the way, flasks are the best thing ever invented. Everyone needs one.

November Photo Challenge: Day 15

DAY FIFTEEN: Hot + Cold. This where I am today, The Pool @ Harrah’s Atlantic City. To celebrate my friend Lynda’s Bachelorette Party! It could be -30°F degrees outside and you can still party at The Pool because its always 82 degrees in there. I love this place!

November Photo Challenge: Day 14

DAY FOURTEEN: For me. I went to Icing today to pick up a few things for the bachelorette party tomorrow and saw this flask on sale for $6. I needed to have it. So I did. Can’t wait for tomorrow!

36 Never Looked This Good!

Happy 36th Birthday to me! Because its my birthday I am skipping the November Photo Challenge. I am an extremely blessed woman. I am surrounded by a family that actually loves me. And friends I couldn’t see living without. As I turn 36, I’ve never felt healthier, younger, and happier. No matter how busy I…

November Photo Challenge: Day 12

DAY TWELVE: Normal. Its perfectly normal to seat belt in a giant wine glass, right!? Bachelorette party cup for this weekend. Can’t wait!

November Photo Challenge: Day 11

DAY ELEVEN: A Set. Ok, so its not a set. But this is my perfect pair. This is my every day makeup wear, and what helps me look human. Don’t leave home without my Benefit Flawless line! 

November Photo Challenge: Day 10

DAT TEN: I do this every day. I take the subway every day. Its my life as a commuter. Normally, no one bothers you, but every so often you see the most random things. Oh the subway, or as I like to call it, the land of the smelly and weird lol.

November Photo Challenge: Day 9

DAY NINE: Heck yes! After days and days of people raving about the new Croissant Donut from Dunkin Donuts, I finally tried it! Oh. My. Word. Delicious! It tastes like a Zeppole. Y’all have to try it! Its officially my birthday week. Let’s get the party started! OMG I shared this on the wrooong blog…

November Photo Challenge: Day 8

DAY EIGHT: A place. This is one of my favorite restaurants. Its the kind of place we show up in our gym clothes and have a great time. The food is great, inexpensive, and the staff is wonderful. My friends and I have  shared some pretty great laughs at this place. If you’re ever in…

November Photo Challenge: Day 7

DAY SEVEN: On the floor. Hi y’all! I’m home in bed since I am not feeling all that great. Out of nowhere, my throat started bothering me yesterday and as much as I tried to fight it, it set it. Oh well. Its not the end of the world. Any who, my photo challenge for…