Welcome June!


Spring Bonjour

Who’s missed me? I know you all have ;). Sorry I’ve been MIA, not only have I been busy helping with the final preparations for my niece to be born (she’s do in 3 weeks). I’ve been helping a friend plan her wedding. My life is surrounded by babies and weddings which makes me a really happy yet tired gal.

Also, my laptop died and only had my iPad to update. And I don’t know about you but blogging from an iPad or phone is just not the same. I can’t really create graphics and typing takes FOR EVER. But I have good news, I’ve just purchased a new one HURRAY! So it’s back to business for me. I know-I know you’re jumping for joy LOL! On a side note, not a fan of Windows 8.

I have SO much to share with ya’ll and SO much to talk about. So let me give you a quick update on moi. I’ve rejoined a gym and have been taking Zumba classes again, which I LOVE. It’s just so much fun and never boring. If you’ve never done Zumba, do it, you’ll thank me later. Sure you’ll feel silly at first shaking your hips and butt. However, that’s part of the fun 😉

I’m still actively using MyFitnessPal app. I’m proud to say I’ve logged in 95 days in a row HURRAY!

How are you doing? Fill me in on what I’ve missed. Want to chat? Send me over a tweet!

Spring XOXO

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